To the Pickleball Community,
In full transparency, our organization has struggled whether to release a statement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as it relates to the Pickleball community. The divisiveness on our behalf sheds light on how difficult of a time this is. Should you play Pickleball right now? Should you not? As a group of sport advocates and not medical professionals, we do not feel equipped to advise one way or the other. Some of us have played outdoors this week, others have distanced ourselves from the sport. We recognize the health benefits - both mentally and physically - from staying active and getting Vitamin D. We are also aware of the strict social distancing that is recommended from health organizations in order to limit the spread of the virus. That being said, below are a few resources for your reference. We hope you find this helpful! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and develop the sport of pickleball. Our short term goals include promoting the sport to players, developing and expanding facilities for increased pickleball play; providing opportunities for DMPA members to participate in leagues, tournaments and clinics: and sharing information via newsletters and on-line management tools.

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Places to Play

Pickleball is offered at multiple locations, both indoor and out, in the Denver Parks & Recreation district.  Click this link to use the official USAPA Places to 2 Play Pickleball app by adding an Address, City, State, Zip Code or Place Name. Or, use this link to view, or download the Denver Metro Area - Places to Play (pdf file).

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Links to USAPA, Videos, Rules and Travel Opportunities.

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What are Club Rewards

ClubRewards members receive 5% off everything they purchase from When checking out, simply type in your club’s unique discount code in the coupon code box, hit the “apply” button and you’ll see 5% of the bill disappear!

Discount Code for DMPA: CRDMetroPB

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Paddle Reviews

This week, I had the opportunity to play with a demo paddle from Pickleball Central. It was the Selkirk Amped Epic X5 FiberFlex Paddle. It was a Standard weight (7.9 oz.) paddle, traditionally shaped, with a weighted head. I ordinarily play with a Paddletek Power Play Pro paddle so the larger traditional head and the additional thickness took a few minutes to get used to, but once I became familiar with the weight, grip, and size it was very positive experience. The polymer honey comb core...

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