Have You Had a Concussion in the Past 5 Years?

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The University of Colorado Alzheimer’s and Cognition Center is recruiting healthy older adults 65 and over to participate in a research study examining how a concussion sustained in late-life relates to inflammation and brain health.

Purpose of study

-Better understand how concussion may or may not disrupt thinking, the immune system, and brain health in late life.

What does it entail?

-2 research visits: a baseline and a one-year follow-up visit at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Each study visit requires a health history review, a neurological exam, a blood sample, a brain MRI, and the completion of a set of tests that assess memory, attention, behavior, and other thinking skills. Each visit will last approximately 5 hours but we can divide that over several days if needed.

Eligibility Criteria:

-Between the ages of 65-89, in good general health, do not have memory difficulties, no major neurological condition, major psychiatric disorders, or systematic illnesses.

-Specifically looking to enroll older adults who have experienced an mTBI or mild concussion within the past 5 years (but will enroll healthy controls as well).

This study involves 2 research visits: a baseline and a one-year follow-up visit Each Study Visit Requires:

• Health History Review

• Neurological Exam

• Set of tests that assess memory, attention, behavior and other thinking skills

• Blood Sample

• Brain MRI

You May Qualify If You Are:

• 65 years or older

• Have had a concussion (less than 30 minutes loss of consciousness) within the past 5

years, but not within the past 6 months

• Have medical records documenting your concussion

• In good general health

• Have not been diagnosed with a memory disorder


If you are interested, please contact: Neurology Research Partners to see if you qualify!



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