Desired qualifications – enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable.  We would like to round out the skills of the current Board with some of the following specific qualifications – computer skills,  marketing, youth development, legal, Board leadership - areas of expertise to move forward the Strategic Goals and Objectives of the Board.

The Board meets once a month and each Board member is expected to come to DMPA organized events.  In addition it is anticipated that Board members spend approximately 10 additional hours each month to accomplish our pickleball objectives.

Please send resumes to Becky Lenhart –  Candidates will be further vetted for becoming a member of the Board.

To learn more about the current Board of Directors see About Us on the DMPA website.

Strategic Goals and Objectives for DMPA
To promote and develop the sport of pickleball, specifically by becoming an “umbrella” organization for other associations, clubs and players involved with the sport

Board Leadership

Membership Management:

•  Review new memberships and renewals to analyze the membership status of DMPA

•  Develop an organization membership and define the collaborative benefits, which might include:

• Sharing the benefits of DMPA online membership database, such as taking online memberships for other organizations and flowing through membership money to them keeping a percentage for DMPA services.

• Offer discounts for the collective membership database through programs and other promotions

• Becoming part of the annual DMPA Pickleball calendar

Marketing/Social Media

•  Provide links to other group pages and have them include DMPA on their pages

Event Management/Instruction

•  Expand the use of our event software by offering other organizations the opportunity to use the software or by DMPA running events for them with our software

• Explore the status of event management software from the USAPA

•  Emphasize Youth Player Development as a primary objective of DMPA

•  Collaborate with USAPA in to provide state training curriculum and provide certification for qualified instructors

•  Create opportunities to promote individual instructors by providing free advertising in exchange for teaching a free DMPA clinic

•  Become the state resource for training raters to rate individual players as determined by USAPA

•  Maintain a database of player ratings that coordinates with our membership software

•  Set up a monthly social event sponsored by DMP

•  Become the central coordinator for a pickleball league program

Facility Expansion

•  Promote and expand pickleball in the private club sector

•  Continue to work with Denver Parks and Recreation


•  Find qualified individuals to become Board members of DMPA