Selkirk Amped Epic X5 FiberFlex Paddle

This week, I had the opportunity to play with a demo paddle from Pickleball Central. It was the Selkirk Amped Epic X5 FiberFlex Paddle. It was a Standard weight (7.9 oz.) paddle, traditionally shaped, with a weighted head. I ordinarily play with a Paddletek Power Play Pro paddle so the larger traditional head, and the additional thickness took a few minutes to get used to, but once I became familiar with the weight, grip, and size it was very positive experience. The polymer honey comb core added control, and a very smooth, quiet touch to every shot. The head heavy balance allowed me to take some power off my serve and still have a fast, deep serve with control to place it perfectly in the service box. I was playing with someone who was also using this paddle for the very first time. We compared notes, and both of us thought it was a very nice paddle offering exceptional control. PH